Native American flute, key of A

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Native American style flute in key of A minor

One of the most popular keys of Native American style flute. It has a very comfortable distance between playing holes, so it's perfect for people with small hands. Even a child can easily master this flute, so it is very suitable as a gift for a child. The A-minor key is the most popular and traditional in European music, so the flute sounds very natural and harmoniously, and the set of compositions that can be played on the flute is quite large.

The flute does not require any musical skills and knowledge of musical theory!

Scale: minor pentatonic

Notes: A, C, D, E, G, A

Length: 37 to 42 cm

Distance between playing holes: up to 3.5 cm

Listen to the Native American Flute in key of A minor (solo, improvisation):

Sound of the Native American Flute in A minor (composition):

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